October 20, 2021

Custom Keto Diet Plan For Beginners

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4 Tips To Help You Beat Sugar Cravings.

4 Tips Best Tips To Stop Sugar Cravings


Sugar cravings happen to most people. Arm yourself with these 4 tips to help you stop sugar cravings!

Stay hydrated – Tip 1 – Stop Sugar Cravings
Cravings for sugar or sweets is a common problem when dehydrated. When your body doesn’t have enough water causes poor organ function. In turn, the liver has a hard time releasing glycogen (stored glucose) and other stored energy triggering food cravings.
Eat a pickle – Tip 2 – Stop Sugar Cravings
Eat more fermented foods like pickles, sauerkraut and Kimchi. Creating a healthy gut environment will result in fewer sugar cravings. So, instead of stopping at the store when on the run, pack a pickle or two for when you need it!
Prep Keto Friendly Fat Bomb snacks – Tip 3 – Stop Sugar Cravings
The fat bombs easy and take very little time to make. They are full of healthy fats and protein and made with keto-friendly sweeteners. Preparing a bunch and having them in hand in the freezer will help stop those impulse chocolate bar grabs, so always take a few with you when on the go! Here are a few fat bomb recipes you will love!
I’ll include a recipe for no-bake chocolate chip cookies, just cause they are so yummy!
Ok, let’s get back to the last tip.
Get more sleep! – Tip 4 – Stop Sugar Cravings
During a recent study, the people in the study who increased the amount of sleep they got, decreased the amount of sugar they ate by as much as 10%. I can’t say enough about getting enough sleep and this is another reason! 🙂
If you know what and the amounts of your macros are; calories, fat, protein and carbs will make staying on track and achieving your weight loss goals sooner than later! If you don’t know your macros.
With this, you can plan out your meal plans. Make a plan on your own or continue on with the quiz and have meal plans made just for you with the macros you need and the food you already like!
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